Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Music with a Skeptical theme.

I am a fan of traditional and folk music, and just found a new album that I have been waiting for for several months. The Darwin Song Project was sponsored by the Shrewsbury folk festival for the Bicentennial of Darwin's birth. One of the singer-songwriters who participated was one of my favorites, Karine Polwart, from the Scottish Borders. Her song "We're All Leaving" is on the album. Karine's EP "Daisy" also has songs with scientific and skeptical themes. I was not familiar with some of the other artists from both the UK and the US, but I am impressed with the results of the one week retreat where the songs were written. If you enjoy traditional/folk music, this is an enjoyable album.

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  1. Great Album! Thanks for sharing the link. I'm a folk fan myself (I even play a bit, tinwhistle and bodhran). Pretty unusual to find such themes in the genre, so this is definately a treat.